Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement

Save costs and reduce CO2 with solar and energy.

JPS has partnered with the EU’s leading financial institutions to provide business customers with a free, fully maintained solar PV system via our power purchase agreement (PPA).

We will fund the entire installation of your commercial solar PV system allowing your business to reap the benefits of solar PV whilst preserving your capital. Use our capital today to start your clean energy journey and sometime down the line, when the timing is right, buy the system back from us – if you choose.

What is PPA?

Power Purchase Agreements, are bilateral contracts between a solar power generator and a buyer have existed since the early days of the energy industry. A solar power purchase agreement is a financing arrangement that allows businesses, municipalities, governmental entities to purchase green electricity with no upfront capital cost. You rent your roof and buy the discounted solar electricity rather than investing in a solar PV system of your own.

Benefits of PPA Agreement

Zero Investment Cost

Your solar PV system is entirely funded by JPS so you start saving from day one

Immediate savings on electricity bills

Your monthly electric bill will be much smaller because you will purchase solar energy at a much cheaper rate than is available from your current energy provider.

No maintenance costs

JPS provides you hassle free system. We manage the system under a long-term operation and maintenance contract, including the provision of insurance cover, all at no cost to you

Zero cost ‘green’ energy

You will get zero cost green energy credential and improve your company’s environmental responsibility and enhance relations with green thinking community.

Long-term energy cost forecasting

Due to the nature of PPA agreement; energy cost of your business is no longer unpredictable. The unit price you pay for electricity generated by the solar PV system will only rise in line with RPI, allowing you to budget more effectively

Value gain for the property.

The value of your property will increase due to green investment while your company received the benefits of lowering the energy cost.

Fully transferable

The PPA can be transferred to new occupants of the property should you move to new premises.

PPA Development Process

Preliminary assessment
  • Gather data
    • Site information
    • Energy usage and costs
    • Environmental requirements
Budgetary Evaluation
  • Financial model and pricing
Firm Proposal, LOI
  • Design development, costing
  • PPA, EPC
Construction, Operation

Simple and Transparent PPA Process

Our know-how - your success!

JPS provides you PPA to get benefits of solar PV without having to take on the responsibilities of being a solar system owner-operator. Let us help you to reduce your electric costs in most green way by making investment costs on behalf of you and you reinvest your funds into core businesses activities.